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Thermwood Cut Center - What is a Cut Center?
what is a cut center?

Cut Ready by Thermwood

A cut center is a machine that looks a little like a CNC router but works totally differently. Instead of generating CNC programs that tell the machine how to move, it already knows how to move. It actually knows how to make products, tens of thousands of products. Simply tell it what you want, how you want it made and it makes it


This is a revolutionary approach to manufacturing that can be run by about anyone. No special technical skills, no extensive training. It's intuitive...tells you what to do, shows you what to do and connects you to a real live person if you want. This is manufacturing for real people


Thermwood Cut Center - How Does It Work?
how does it work?

Thermwood Cut Center Flipping a SheetIt's pretty simple...figure out what you want to make and then make it. Answer a few questions; "What do you want to do? - Make Something..." What do you want to make? - Cabinets, Closets, Furniture, Doors, Drawers, Moldings, Shapes...just select one. It all works through an intuitive touch screen. "How do you want it made?" - the frame or frameless, attached or detached toe, one or two sided get the idea. Now you see images of all the products you asked for, made the way you want...touch one and there's a three dimensional image. Move it, rotate it, explode it and make sure it's what you want. Adjust the size and add it to your job. You are ready to cut


Running this machine is like nothing you've seen before. It takes you by the hand and guides you, step by step. You communicate using a "clicker" you wear on a magnetic reason to go to the screen every time you want to do something. If you don't understand, even the simplest instruction, it plays a video showing exactly what to do. It takes a different approach, a better, easier approach to traditional practices. For example, if parts need to be machined on both sides, the machine starts by doing the back operations first, on the full sheet. Then it flips the sheet over and completes the front operations. When the parts are cut out they are done...front and back. It manages your tools, tracks tool life, measures your tools, manages your waste board, turns vacuum on and off, even the pump, and generally does all the complicated things automatically, so you don't have to

Thermwood Cut Center - What Can It Make?
what can it make?

Thermwood Cut Center

It makes a LOT...and there's more coming. Let's start with cabinets. It can already make over 10,000 different cabinet configurations, not counting different sizes. If you consider the door and drawer front combinations, it can make over 20 million different products, right now, today. It makes kitchen cabinets about any way you want. It also makes closet cabinets, bath cabinets and utility cabinets and there's some really nice features you won't find on other cabinets like assembly marks (which show you which parts fit together) and alignment holes that make installing drawers a snap. It also makes furniture, starting with some really nice shelves and shelf systems and some great entertainment centers. Some of these are pretty sophisticated, so the machine will print instructions so you can assemble it, but we're not nearly done


Thermwood Cut Center Demonstrating New Cuts Capabilities

The machine also makes doors, drawers and moldings. You can make some cabinets and then tell it to make the drawers and doors and drawer fronts and applied ends for those cabinets and it does (and you never have to worry about a single dimension). Just tell it how you want the drawers made (side mount, undermount, blind dado or dovetail construction, thick or thin bottom), and it makes them, and they fit perfectly. Same with doors. Select from hundreds of MDF door designs, tell it if you want partial overlay, full overlay or inset, and it makes them and they fit. Or, you can cut slab doors so that the grain flows smoothly across the cabinet face. And then there are moldings. The machine makes moldings, straight moldings, curved moldings, even carved moldings. You can even adjust the size of these moldings and just make knives, no special tooling...just make them using the standard machine and the standard tools. What is truly amazing is that this is all so easy


And if you need to make things not in the system, we can add them for you. We will custom develop definitions for your specific products, in the size range you want from the material you want and install them in your machine. If it can be made on a CNC router, it can be made on a cut center with no computer, no software and no programming…just select what you want and make it

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Thermwood Cut Center - Can I Run It?
can I run it?

Thermwood Cut Center Control Panel

If you can read you can probably run it. When we first started this development, our stated goal was to create a machine that the average person could walk up to and run with no prior knowledge, no training and no manual. We are pretty close right now


About the Cut Center

Typical manuals for cabinet design software and a properly documented CNC router run well over a thousand pages (which shows you how dramatic our vision for this machine is). Most people with CNC routers master a few products and a few techniques and are satisfied. With the cut center, everybody can do everything, easily...the limitations are gone and the possibilities are incredible

Thermwood Cut Center - Can I Afford It?
can I afford it?

Thermwood Cut Center Control Panel

In addition to being the easiest to use, if you run custom cabinets and consider your total cost, you will find that the Cut Ready Cut Center is less expensive than ANY CNC router

The cut center is competitively priced against about any good quality ordinary CNC Router. Even if you add every option offered, it can be leased for less per month than the cost of a typical CNC programmer. By the way, you will need a CNC Programmer with ANY CNC router. This means, even if they GIVE you a CNC router and design software for FREE, it will still cost you more than our cut center. Think about it!


If you plan to program yourself, your time isn’t free. Programming robs you of valuable time you could spend on more important things like working with the customer and selling and managing your business


Also, it is likely you will be in full production with a cut center in about a half a day. A CNC router often takes six months to program and get into full production. A half a day or a half a year? There is serious cost associated with that half a year


If you make custom cabinets and the Cut Ready Cut Center will make what you need, there is no less expensive way….none


When you buy a cut center, you join a movement. We plan to continuously expand the items our cut centers can make, guided primarily by the wishes of our users and you get all that new stuff free. You also get any software updates and live virtual service free, as long as you own the machine. Years from now, your cut center will be worth even more, because it will be able to do even more. That's how new generation technology works



Thermwood Cut Center - Is There Anything Else?
is there anything else?

Thermwood Cut Ready Mobile App

In fact, there is. Although the Cut Ready Cut Center is an all new type of machine that can be operated by about anyone, without programming, it can also be operated as a CNC router (through "CNC Access"), should you ever need to. It executes CNC programs generated by about any software. In fact, it has software and operating features that make it a lot more flexible than about any other CNC router. But there is more


With the Cut Ready Cut Center, operating as a cut center instead of a CNC router, you select and define what you want, resize and cut it, all right at the machine using an intuitive touch screen. The machine already knows how to make about anything a typical cabinet shop needs but, if you want, you can teach it to make your own custom products. Using Thermwood’s eCabinet Systems Design Software and following the Cut Center protocol, you can develop your own custom products, install them in the machine and run them the same way. You are not limited. This does require some training and software skill but offers almost unlimited capability and huge flexibility. If you would like, Thermwood can do this for you. With the Cut Ready Cut Center, there are no limits


And finally, there is the Cut Center mobile app which allows you to select and define products and create jobs using a mobile device or PC just like you would do at the machine. These jobs are stored in the cloud where they can be accessed by your Cut Center, processed and cut. This exciting technology opens all new ways to interact with customers and operate your business. Learn more about the Thermwood Cut Center here

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